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Croatian doctors are trained at 4 medical faculties: at the University of Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek and Split.

The Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, the first in this area, was founded in 1917, and since its inception has been the holder of medical education throughout the region. The experts who were educated and developed at this faculty are the founders and other three faculties in Rijeka (1955), Split (1977) and Osijek (1979). Postgraduate teaching as a part of the teaching at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb has been organized since the mid 1950s in the form of public health courses at ŠNZ "Andrija Štampar", so that in 1960/61, systematic organization of postgraduate scientific studies began. Until the academic year. 1989/90 already has 48 scientific studies from almost all branches of medicine.


The beginnings of "Continuing Medical Education" at the Medical School in Zagreb are housed in the eighties. God. 1989. The Faculty adopts a Decision on the Manner of Providing Continuing Medical Education, which specifies the purpose and goals, and the criteria for accepting permanent medical training projects. From 1992 to 1997 69 courses were held in order to reach a multiple increase in that number in the late nineties. An important factor for this increase was the licensing for the work that was first introduced in 1996. The year of the first extension was in 2002. There was a great effort to improve this system and qualitatively. This program promotes the idea of ​​lifelong learning, and through the graduate and postgraduate studies, this education completes until completion of professional work. It is a common and scoring system according to the ECTS system in any segment of postgraduate education. All activities at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb were followed and worked together and worked with him, especially in recent years, and other faculties.

Special control in permanent medical education was achieved by the rehabilitation of the Croatian Chamber of Physicians (HLK) 1995. God. , when licensing was introduced (1996) and relocation has been made on two occasions (2002 and 2008). The total number of physicians with valid licensing in HLK is 16 568, of which 12 149 are employed in health care institutions. Of these, 6507 specialists in hospital institutions (54%). The private partner in the contract with HZZO is 3104 or 25%, and without contract there are 668 (5.5%) private doctors. There are also 28 people with temporary licenses.

The good organization of medical education and the alignment of criteria and standards in education with European trends is a good basis for the quality and education of doctors in Croatia, which have been recognized abroad. All this is a good basis for the competitiveness of medical tourism as one of the main directions of tourism development in Croatia.

Additionally, there is a wide network of schools for nurses, for which academic education has been introduced in the last decade and thus aligned with European Union standards.

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